Friends of Bruny Is Quarantine Station

Fancy a job as a caretaker at Bruny Island Quarantine Station? You are in luck, as applications have just opened for the coming season from April through to October 2015.

Volunteer Caretakers will provide a physical presence at the Quarantine Station, open the Station to visitors on weekends (closed Monday to Friday), provide visitor information about the heritage self- guided walk, provide other information about the natural history of the area, carry out minor maintenance and assist with coordination of other Parks and Wildlife Services (PWS) and Friends of Bruny Island Quarantine Station (FOBIQS) activities at the site.

A stint at the Quarantine Station could serve as an ‘apprenticeship’ for those people seeking volunteer positions at more challenging PWS locations such as Melaleuca, Deal Island or Maatsuyker Island.

Click below for all the documentation which includes email and phone contacts for further information

Bruny Quarantine Station Caretakers Documentation – PDF

Bruny Quarantine Station Caretakers Documentation – WORD