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Glen Dhu

Only one vehicle was available to transport gear and people to the start of the old Glen Dhu firetrail near Collins Cap, but plenty were willing to walk there which meant we had a crew of eight plus Joss from Parks & Wildlife Service. The weather was splendid and remained sunny and calm all the time we were there and was quite mild for the time of year.
Once we were all together, Adrian and Greg went with the hedge trimmers to clear part of the Collins Cap walking track below the firetrail.  The result was very good and impressive and even more got done that I was expecting.  They also managed to find a known Erica at a nearby waterhole. While this was going on the rest of us headed down the Glen Dhu for the weeds.

At the junction about to leave for work  Adrian, Greg Joss, James, Mike, Lisa & Chris
The first weed site right underneath Collins Cap, which was originally cleared in 2002 was checked and no new gorse plants found.  This site was the first action for what
became the Friends of Wellington Park and was assisted by Jean Taylor and John Hamilton. It has been clear of woody weeds since 2004 and can be considered as most
A site some 800 metres further down which was also cleared in 2003 of Gorse and a few Erica was also found to be clear and again has been since 2004. This area and those below were badly burnt in the wildfire of February 2013. The previous check on the lower sites was in 2010 and only a few plants were found at two known sites. It is surmised that the fire gave rise to some of the plants located this time. One site had a substantial number of Erica up to 20 cm tall and took 7 of us 50 minutes to clear. The final spot had the most plants although they were more concentrated and generally much smaller in size. It has always been the most difficult location to clear and keep on top off, and it took us 55 minutes to clear.

Site before Erica cleared  – photo by Chris Woods


Site after Erica cleared  – photo by Chris Woods
Lunch was called just as Adrian and Greg re-joined us which made a break in the 45 minute climb back to the vehicle. Four of the group, Lisa, Bronwyn, Chris and Peter, then made the downhill trip to the cars, whilst Mike, Adrian, Greg and James enjoyed the ride down the firetrail with Joss at the wheel.
It was an early finish and a delightful day to be out in the bush.


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