Friends of Mt Field



Nick and Greg cutting timber
More photos are online.
The worst section of track at the start of the Mount Field East track was done in Autumn 2016  and because of the savings made we could purchase additional timber to extend the boardwalk.  After delivery and allowing time for it to dry, this batch was carried to the site in November last year. Some of it was installed by PWS staff and Friends of Mount Field volunteers in that month, but this still left more to do.

With reasonable weather forecast, volunteers and Parks staff took to up the effort again and completed a section up to a well rocked part of the track. Timber not needed here was moved to a location further up the track and soon after mid-day installing this section began.  Both sections needed several steps which makes for slower progress, but the work was completed by knock off time.

There is some timber remaining and this will be used on another section some 150 metres up track.

There was also time for two of us to collect plant guards and stakes from near Belcher Hut and the Fenton dam rehabilitation area.
The work resulted from a grant from Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife for the purchase of timber to upgrade the start of the Mount Field East track.