A hearty group of 15  WCMV volunteers with Rangers Matt and Michael faced a mammoth task at Winterbrook Falls on Saturday 22nd April. “The going was tough, but the tough got going” and achieved a great outcome considering the size of the job which they had set out upon.


The aim of the day was to carry and install long-needed PWS directional signs along the 10.8 km track to Winterbrook Falls in the Winterbrook Regional Reserve near Black Bluff


Read how Sue Roberston recalls a very demanding but rewarding day.

We all met at the Ulverstone Wharf, car -pooled and set off in convoy to Winterbrook Falls. At the car park, the group divided into two groups.  The smaller group stayed at base and installed the car park signage and 2 further signs close to the start of the trail.  They certainly got their workout, taking 2 hours to install one sign, due to the hard rocky and compacted surface. But…..future walkers will now not get confused at the commencement of the track into the bush.


The larger group headed off carrying 12 signs, plus shovels and crowbars.  There was a spring in the step to start with when the signs were light and the track flat.  This very soon changed to a tough and arduous task when trees over the track were discovered and the gradient started to climb!

The art of carrying a made-up sign was witnessed by the huge variety of ways of carrying – like a yoke around the neck, over the shoulder and like carrying a stretcher just to name a few!!!  With all the activity climbing in and around things, some of the rivets jiggled loose and parts ended up being carried as some signs fell apart, to be reunited with their other parts another day!!

Despite all this, the camaraderie was great with plenty of joking and supporting each other.  (I think the joking was about never volunteering to carry a sign up a hill again! lol)                           


The parameters of the task changed en route to at least getting the signs carted into their location site.  Admirally, this was achieved  with the bonus of 3 signs being installed and even some track clearing of overgrown baurea using the new power tools.                                                                                                                      


Overall, a great achievement, with the now much reduced task for Parks to head back another day with chainsaw and shovel in hand to clear the track and install the remaining signs. Well done to the team!

     Sue Robertson