Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

The walking track to Collins cap has now been cleared to bring it up to a reasonable standard.    A little over three years ago, in September 2012 work started on clearing back the thick vegetation that had encroached over the track so much that it required pushing through to progress along to the last 800 metres or so to get to the summit. A second day was spent there in November of that year, but before we could finish the job a serious bushfire devastated the area.

The fire burnt right up to the part cleared and in several places went beyond but it stopped at the very spot that our work finished and didn’t burn any of the uncleared section.

For one reason or another we didn’t manage to get back there until now, but it was an ideal day for working. Atmospheric mist was hanging about, but unlike a report from the other side of the range near cathedral Rock, there was no drizzle and at times a diffused sun made an appearance. The last 250 metres of track was cleared by lunch time, the work somewhat speeded by the use of a hedge pruner, and this section now looks really good.

A party of three walkers arrived, just as we finished the work, expecting a scratchy time getting through and were decidedly pleased with the track.

On the botanical side we noticed a pretty little plant in flower, in the burnt area, that none of has seen before. A suggestion that it might be a Derwentia proved correct; it was Derwentia  nivea a small native that is usually found on mountain moors.  A daisy was also present in quantity, which is thought to be Olearia erubescens.


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