Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

Good fortune was with us today, with pleasant, sunny and warm conditions together with the Epacris acuminate being in full flower. The Chapel access track for the drive to the Epacris site was dry which meant a quicker trip than if Montrose had to be used.

The Epacris acuminate or Clasping-leaf heath as the common name, is a rare endemic plant and the population in Goat Hills is fairly exceptional in where it is growing. This dense population growing on dolerite sheet rock is threatened by invading Erica and the Epacris was in spectacular flower on this visit. The scene is a delight with thick swathes of almost pure Epacris surrounding open island of low grass and herbs.

A search was made of all the known Erica spots and at most we did find a few plants, which were swiftly decapitated. At only the very farthest west record, which we had not previously been to, did we find a larger number.