Year 8 students support Tasmanian conservation

In July, Wildcare was approached by a group of students from the Fahan School looking for a way to become involved. The group of year eight students felt a strong connection to nature and wanted to support conservation efforts being achieved at Wildcare. “We chose Wildcare because a lot of people don’t realise how much […]

OBP Calendar 2022 – Coming soon!

Friends of the OBP have produced an informative 2022 calendar that celebrates the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot and the volunteers who contribute to its recovery. Proceeds will go toward continued Orange-bellied Parrot recovery projects. The OBP Calendar will be sold for $22 and available for purchase mid October from the Wildcare Shop. For pre-orders email: […]

Protecting Tasmania’s Wilderness and World Heritage Area

The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) covers almost a quarter of the land area of Tasmania and is recognised as being of Outstanding Universal Value under UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention. Most UNESCO World Heritage sites meet only one or two of the ten criteria for that status. The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area meets […]

Wildcare Expo’s – You are invited!

Following the success of last year’s events, we will again be holding our northern and southern celebrations of Wildcaring! Wildcare Groups are invited to express their interest in holding a ‘trade table’ by contacting Kim at Please spread the word amongst your group and supporters. Entry is free but registration is essential. We hope […]

Goodbye from Pip

As the PWS Volunteer Facilitator (South) for 12 years, Pip Burke worked closely with Wildcare and the community of volunteers in the Southern region. Pip’s big hearted devotion to her PWS role is now being directed to her family and she leaves full of appreciation for the wonderful volunteers that she had the pleasure of […]

Friends of Maatsuyker Island Annual Dinner & AGM

The Friends of Maatsuyker Island (FOMI) Annual Dinner and AGM will be held on Thursday 16 September 2021 at the Fern Tree Tavern (680 Huon Road, Fern Tree). Guests are invited to arrive from 5.30 pm to order meals for 6.00 pm dinner. The AGM will commence at 7.00 pm. After the AGM, recent Maatsuyker […]

Aboriginal Heritage Education Event

Aboriginal Heritage Education at Penna On Sunday 1st August we were treated to a wonderful educational opportunity thanks to the generous offer of Caleb Pedder, a consultant Aboriginal Heritage Officer. In searching for an Aboriginal Heritage Officer needed to participate in an archaeological survey of the area,  I happened to call Caleb.  He welcomed the […]

The Spanish Heath Menace

Patches of Spanish Heath and Broom had been discovered beside some of the informal tracks near Barossa Creek. When arriving at the main Spanish Heath spot it was in flower, and this showed that it was more widespread within grass and sags than originally thought. This made for slow work and to take a break […]

Work in the High Country

During the winter it is often unpleasant for work in the higher parts of the park, but the weather was nice, and we decided to tackle trimming of the early part of the Lake Nicholls Track. It wasn’t particularly overgrown, but a trim now would save more extensive work later. About 400 metres of track […]

Stepping up to volunteer

Friends of Tasman Island

Q&A with Friends of Tasman Island volunteer Georgie Carr There are so many reasons to volunteer. From making new friends, learning new skills, or giving back to the community. We asked Wildcare Tasmania member Georgie Carr about her views on volunteering.     How long have you been volunteering? For more than 16 years, I […]

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