Wildcare Tasmania takes the health and safety of our volunteers seriously and seeks to support a safe volunteering environment by offering relevant training, resources and the following templates.

When Wildcare Tasmania groups and members are undertaking projects that are not managed under a Volunteer Program Plan within the NRET Volunteer Framework or are not part of a volunteer project on land managed by other organisations, (including other state or local government departments), members are volunteering for Wildcare Tasmania, and operating in a Wildcare ‘workplace’. In those circumstances, Wildcare Tas. is the ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU) and has the primary duty of care.


  • Wildcare Groups must follow the Australian Government Guidelines for protecting themselves and others from COVID-19 and are to include COVID-19 as a risk when completing the Hazard Identification Form.
  • Volunteers who are considered to be vulnerable are encouraged to discuss their personal circumstances with their medical practitioner and develop an individual COVID-19 Action Plan. Where a COVID-19 Action Plan has been developed, please ensure that firstly, you review whether your volunteer participation is supported in accordance with the medical advice received. Secondly, ensure that any control measures are discussed with your Wildcare Group/Activity Leader so that they can consider how to reasonably manage your participation.
  • It is important that all volunteers manage their own health and safety, and that of others by being vigilant, adhering to any updated advice, and taking immediate preventative steps should the situation change. We reserve the right to amend volunteer programs and participation in accordance with any updated Public Health advice and/or any individual COVID-19 Action Plans.


The following forms are to be used in planning/preparing for such events and submitted to memberservices@wildcaretas.org.au before the event is held.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via memberservices@wildcaretas.org.au if you:

  • would like assistance with these forms
  • have any questions
  • would like to raise a safety issue including reporting an incident or near-miss during a Wildcare managed event or,
  • would like to talk to us about your training needs.