Wildcare Tasmania takes the health and safety of our volunteers seriously and seeks to support a safe volunteering environment by offering relevant training, resources and the following templates.

When Wildcare Tasmania groups and members are undertaking projects that are not managed under a Volunteer Program Plan within the NRET Volunteer Framework or are not part of a volunteer project on land managed by other organisations, (including other state or local government departments), members are volunteering for Wildcare Tasmania, and operating in a Wildcare ‘workplace’. In those circumstances, Wildcare Tas. is the ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU) and has the primary duty of care.


  • Wildcare Groups must follow the Australian Government Guidelines for protecting themselves and others from COVID-19 and are to include COVID-19 as a risk when completing the Hazard Identification Form.


The following forms are to be used in planning/preparing for such events and submitted to memberservices@wildcaretas.org.au before the event is held.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via memberservices@wildcaretas.org.au if you:

  • would like assistance with these forms
  • have any questions
  • would like to raise a safety issue including reporting an incident or near-miss during a Wildcare managed event or,
  • would like to talk to us about your training needs.