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This page contains files, videos and information to support you in your role as a Wildcare Group leader.

Wildcare Group Leadership and culture

Health and Safety

If your project is managed under a Volunteer Program Plan within the DPIPWE Volunteer Framework or is part of a project on land managed by another organisation, then it is that organisation who is the PCBU and Wildcare members must ensure they adhere to the organisations’ safety management systems, including any volunteer sign-up processes.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, ensure appropriate risk management procedures and safe practices are in place when volunteers participate in DPIPWE authorised activities. Whenever our members are engaged by the PWS, through a Volunteer Program Plan or Ranger Assist Program, those WILDCARE Tasmania members are volunteering for DPIPWE. Learn more about volunteering at DPIPWE here.

The forms below are to be used when Wildcare Tasmania groups and members are undertaking projects that are not managed under a Volunteer Program Plan within the DPIPWE Volunteer Framework or are not part of a volunteer project on land managed by other organisations, including other state or local government departments. In those circumstances, members are volunteering for Wildcare Tasmania, and operating in a Wildcare “workplace” (where Wildcare is the ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU) and thus has the primary duty of care.

We are in the process of updating these forms.

Group finances, fundraising, grants

Communication – Wildcare website, social media, media messaging

Wildcare website instructional videos

Governance and Insurance

(includes information relevant for external grant applications)

Wildcare ABN and Account Details

Privacy and cyber security

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