How we aim to Inspire the Next Generation

Wildcare supports projects that encourage young people to develop a strong appreciation for the place that they are living in and a love of and commitment to working to benefit the natural environment.   Donations to the Inspiring the Next Generation cause, will support a range of environmental education activities that may be undertaken by schools, Parks and Wildlife Service, WILDCARE volunteers and  partnering community organisations to support environmental education.

One ongoing program is the WILDSC’OOL conservation partnership program designed to engage volunteers, schools and landowners in partnerships for practical conservation and learning. WILDCARE provides volunteers to support the program, working with schools in classrooms and in school grounds, and with landowners to coordinate practical conservation projects undertaken by students.  There are three components to the WILDSC’OOL program:

  • WILDSC’OOLEE – Partnership between volunteer and school – Environmental education in the classroom
  • LEARNSCAPE – Partnership between volunteer and school – Practical activities in school ground planting and habitat creation
  • EARTH PARTNERS – Partnership between the school and  a reserve managed by the Parks and Wildlife service – practical conservation activity on land managed for conservation.

Who will benefit from Inspiring the Next Generation?

  • The environment will benefit as a result of cooperative actions by schools, volunteers and land managers
  • Volunteers will benefit from training in environmental education,
  • Students will benefit from greater understanding, increased practical skills and stronger connection to land and community,
  • Schools will benefit from the assistance provided by WILDCARE volunteers and through environment and education appropriate development of school grounds,
  • Reserve managers will benefit from on-ground assistance with conservation works and
  • Communities will benefit from stronger social bonds, networks and relationships between citizens.

Donations made by individuals and corporations to this program are tax deductible.

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