WILDCARE and Bruny Island Safaris have partnered to raise money for the WILDCARE Islands and Dragons cause to support the care by volunteers of Tasmania’s islands, including controlling weeds and feral animals.

Some of these islands are wild and remote in the middle of the ocean and it is only the most intrepid that volunteer here. At the other end of the scale, Bruny Island has different environmental challenges arising from an increase in visitation.

Tasmania’s islands are also home to special creatures. Read about theĀ mountain dragon that hides out at the Cape Bruny Lightstation and Bruny Island. This is the only species of the dragon family living in Tasmania.



Amazing weed control results have been achieved on outer islands of the Furneaux Islands, in coastal reserves on Flinders and at the significant Aboriginal site of Wybalenna.

As well as having sensitive natural environments, many of Tasmania’s islands house lighthouse stations that reflect our maritime story. The lighthouse stations volunteer program continues today, managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service.

WILDCARE volunteer groups work on Deal Island and the Furneaux Island Group, Maatsuyker Island and Tasman Island. To get involved, first join WILDCARE as a member and then click online to join group mailing lists. (Numbers are limited and conditions apply).

Bruny Island Safaris and Wildcare invite you to give generously to protect and care for our islands.