The Orange-bellied parrot is a critically endangered bird species that migrates from mainland Australia to the wild and remote southwest Tasmania each summer. Scientists and the community have been working for many years in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia to prevent the species from becoming extinct.

A national Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Team was formed in 1983 to develop and implement the first recovery plan. The Recovery Team has continued to play a central role in the planning, coordination and implementation of recovery actions for nearly 30 years. The team includes members from key government agencies, research partners with threatened species management expertise, captive breeding institutions, non-government organisations and community representatives from South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. The team provides a forum for applying diverse expertise to planning and problem solving, and collaborative implementation of recovery across organisations.

Captive breeding and release programs have been used to enhance the population each season. Volunteers monitor the birds during the breeding season in Tasmania’s remote south west wilderness, and record sightings in other States between seasons. Recovery Program partners have also begun to breed birds in captivity as insurance against total extinction. The effort must be continued and increased because  population numbers have fallen in recent years.

The national OBP Recovery Team has just released a summary report of the 2019-2020 season which you can read here.

The WILDCARE Save the Orange-bellied parrot Fund supports research projects, on-ground management projects and breeding-and-release programs that will enhance the survival prospects of the orange-bellied parrot as a wild species.

Read about a recently supported project here.

WILDCARE Inc will invite project funding applications from relevant organisations once a sufficient level of donations has been received. Submissions will need to comply with Orange-bellied parrot Recovery Plan and supported by the DPIPWE Orange-bellied parrot Management Group, to ensure that projects will produce genuine benefit for the survival of the species in the wild.

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donation_obpImage courtesy of DPIPWE OBP Program