TPT volunteers work with our Partners to conserve, learn and share knowledge about Tasmanian threatened plants. We undertake on-ground recovery actions for priority species by conducting surveys and monitoring to improve knowledge and achieve conservation objectives.

Our Vision is for Tasmania’s unique and threatened flora to be preserved for future generations.

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Who we are

Threatened Plants Tasmania Inc. (TPT) is a state-wide volunteer organisation with the aim to conserve, learn, and share knowledge of Tasmania’s threatened plants. TPT has been part of the Wildcare family since 2008, has grown steadily over the years, and became an independent registered charity in 2021. Being fully run by volunteers, TPT is grateful for the support provided by Wildcare in attracting new members with an interest in conservation. We believe anyone can learn to care for Tasmania’s special flora.

To become a TPT Supporter, click ‘Join this Branch’, and you will soon be invited by the TPT President to join our mailing list so you can hear about our work and be notified of any public events or workshops on offer. To become further involved in TPT and participate in field trips, we encourage you to become a financial Member of TPT ($25 per year, separate from Wildcare). More information is available on our website. While it is not a requirement to be a Wildcare member to join TPT, we encourage everyone to join because being a Wildcare member opens up even more opportunities to volunteer in inspiring places.

TPT members undertake Field Trips to survey, monitor and manage threatened plants throughout Tasmania. These Field Trips are coordinated by the TPT Committee and TPT’s Partners.

TPT is founded in the ethos of knowledge-sharing between professionals and non-professionals alike. Many of our members and supporters have had no experience with Tasmanian native plants before joining us, while others may be amateur or professional botanists. No prior experience is necessary to participate; a willingness to learn and share is all that’s needed. At the beginning of each Field Trip the leader explains the purpose of the activity and shows photos or specimens of the plants that are the focus for the Field Trip.

Where we work

We work with our partners on both reserved and private land across Tasmania.

What we do

TPT volunteers have worked on some of the most critically endangered species in Tasmania over many years. Many are not commonly known by the general public, but some iconic species we have worked on include the Mienna Cider Gum, Morrisby’s Gum and Sagg Spider Orchid.

We have strong relationships with Partners across several sectors, from government threatened species regulators to private land managers, and many organisations in-between including, Threatened Species and Private Land Conservation Section of Department of Primary Industries Parks Water & Environment (DPIPWE), Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (The Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre & The Tasmanian Orchid Conservation Program), Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Local Councils, Wildcare, Landcare Tasmania, Tasmanian Land Conservancy and other land managers.

Our Contacts

President: Geoff Curry can be contacted by email.

TPT website: