The group aims to focus on and assist like-minded individuals and organisations in the mitigation of roadkill in Tasmania. Particularly in the Tamar Valley, to effectively use existing and proven mitigation strategies and methods, and to develop additional innovative ways in partnership with other groups to further develop and strengthen policies to reduce roadkill.

Branch Files

Who we are.

Inaugural members include several people with extensive knowledge and experience in wildcare and rescue, committed, and passionate about roadkill mitigation.   Training will be provided to ensure all members have the necessary accreditation required for animal care and rescue and the other activities involved in our roadkill mitigation program.

Where we work.

Our group is based in George Town / Low Head and its volunteering activity will spread over regions as far as Launceston and towns east and west of the Tamar.  We are working with the rescue teams of West Tamar and the Meander Valley who are our strategic partners.

What we do.

  • Mitigation of roadkill.
  • Training especially for wildlife rescue as conducted by Bonorong Animal Sanctuary and wildlife reporting and observation skills.
  • Driver education on alertness and animal collision avoidance including reaching out to learner drivers through schools.
  • Fundraising through grants from Governments, Councils, businesses, crowd funding and donations.
  • Work with and exchange of ideas with like minded groups, see where we work.
  • Liaisons with stakeholders such the Department of State Growth for the removal of carcasses and installation of wildlife deterrent devices and escape routes during road construction.
  • Working with local Councils and the Department of State Growth to improve or install road signage.
  • Search and audit previous roadkill studies on roadkill hotspots.
  • Keep abreast of national and international research.



President: Bruce George –

Treasurer: Annabel Richards

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