Our group of volunteers undertake eradication of feral vertebrates and invasive plants on small islands throughout Tasmania to restore and protect nesting seabird populations. This includes the development of biosecurity protocols to prevent reinvasion of pest species, community engagement and partnerships with a range of like-minded groups. Restoration projects are planned for a range of land tenures and our team will work closely with land managers such as Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and Biosecurity Tasmania to develop projects with high value conservation outcomes.

Who we are

We are a group of volunteers that are dedicated to the restoration and protection of nesting seabird populations on small offshore islands around Tasmania. We work in conjunction with other groups to eradicate introduced vertebrates with a focus on cats, rats and mice. We also remove invasive weeds such as Mirror Bush and African Boxthorn.

Where we work

Our group works on small offshore islands with high breeding seabird values throughout Tasmania, with an initial focus on the islands within the northeast of the state including the Furneaux Islands.

Get involved

Become a member of Wildcare Tasmania and follow our branch to be kept informed of upcoming volunteer working bees.

Get in touch

Have more questions? Want to get involved behind the scenes? You can email us at: friendsofsirg@gmail.com