We are volunteers connected to the Franklin River who are committed to caring for the catchment’s wilderness values. We undertake weed control along the river valley and maintain essential riverside campsites and walking routes.

Due to the remote location white-water rafting or kayaking experience is a prerequisite for some group activities. However our current project, fixing up the public use hut at Sir John Falls on the Gordon River, is frequently used by rafters at the end of their trip. This project does not require white-water skills.

Where we work

Friends of the Franklin River members work within the Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The Franklin River is a beautiful and dramatic wild river respected by white-water adventurers and wilderness lovers all over the world. The river’s catchment represents many significant values associated with the area’s reservation and its recognition as a wilderness area of world significance.

What we do

We care for the Franklin River catchment to preserve its value as an iconic wild river of world significance.

In late 2016 we initiated a community-based project to restore the delapidated hut nearby Sir John Falls on the Gordon River. The hut was built in the 1950s by the Hydro Electric Commission, transferred to the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) in the 1980s and is now in public use.

Onsite, structural works were carried out over the 2019-20 summer through a collaboration between Branch members, PWS Heritage Branch and North-West Region, the Mountain Huts Preservation Society, and a range of other community volunteers, contributors and donors.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to complete finishing off works such as painting and internal fit-out of the hut over the 2020-21 summer. If you are interested in helping to complete the hut project and assist other environmental works in the area, please contact the Branch President, David Clarke, to discuss how you can get involved.

A work sift at the site is scheduled for Early December 2020, see the events page for details and to contact Dave Clarke if interested in joining this activity. Note places are limited due to site and access constraints.

Our Contacts

President – David Clarke – imtstas@gmail.com