The group aim is to maintain, conserve, and enhance our local climbing areas in co-operation with the local community, council, government agencies, and businesses, individually and by participating in collaborative area management or improvement projects. Promoting a culture of environmental awareness and stewardship among the broader climbing community. Ensuring sustainable access for climbers.

Who we are

We are members of the rock climbing community working together to care for climbing areas within Tasmania.

Where we work

Our initial area of focus is Ben Lomond National Park, with aims to do similar work within Trevallyn Nature Reserve and Cataract Gorge (Kings Bridge to Trevallyn Dam) with a longer term goal to encompass all areas frequented by climbers throughout the state.

What we do

We work with land managers to maintain and establish sustainable access trails. Waste clean up days, weed management, and re-vegetation projects. Access negotiations with land managers and owners to ensure climbing fits within a larger framework of environmental land management and to preserve access for generations to come.


President: Steven Postle –

Secretary: Emily Rudling

Treasurer: Chris Lang