WILDCARE at Cradle Mtn – 20 years on. AGM and BBQ

In 1998, CARes- Cradle Mountain was the first WILDCARE CARes ( Community Action in Reserves) group to form within a Tasmanian National Park.  Twenty years later, the WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers branch continues the strong tradition of volunteers working in partnership with PWS Cradle Mtn-Lake St Clair. The new programme of volunteer activities, planned by Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers in conjunction with PWS […]

Round the Twist

Members of the Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers were again active in the Valley on the weekend of 12-13 May: Wild and Twisted The Twisted Lakes Adopt-a-Track project AKA “the Wild and Twisted Project” is a recent partner initiative between our Branch and PWS Cradle Mountain. We first commenced work on the 2.5 km Twisted Lakes […]

Lakes and Aches

Four members of Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers headed south to Lake St Clair for a premiere track clearing working bee with PWS Field Officer Matt Broadfield, hoping to prune between Shadow Lake and Lake St Clair. Two days of ‘back-aching’ work resulted in only 4.5km of the 6km being cleared of overgrown vegetation which means another trip […]

I’m Working in Sunshine (Wow!) and Don’t it Feel Good

I’m Working in Sunshine (Wow!) and Don’t it Feel Good* The annual spring volunteering program at Cradle Valley traditionally delivers a wide range of interesting weather conditions to be either enjoyed or confronted by participants. Last year’s was particularly challenging with the first week being cancelled due to storm activity and the second week being […]

Take a Dose of Con’s Environment Potion

Con Rhee is a member of the Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers. He is also a photographer who has “discovered how to capture art in nature”. As much as his panels look like “works of art”  his images are not manipulated and are true representations of reality. Reality, in this case being the Tasmanian environment, with a  focus on lakes, rivers and […]

Cutting, Counting & Cleaning at Cradle

At last, on the third attempt, the Hounslow Heath Circuit track has been pruned back. We started this in October last year, got snowed under, literally and had to leave it unfinished. The second attempt got a lot further but there was so much to do it needed another supreme effort on the 6th May. […]

Santa goes WILD

Santa joined Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers for their Christmas barbecue held on Mieke and Brad’s beautiful farm. Following a pleasant lunch in the gardens, members were taken on an interesting tour of the old homestead and shown the horse drawn farm implements which are still used today. Much fun was had by all when Santa harnessed up […]

No Highwaymen on Hounslow Heath

In the 17th and 18th centuries the area of Greater London known as Hounslow Heath was famous as a tract of land crossed by major roads and horse-drawn carriages that were often the subject of attention of highwaymen brandishing pistols. This is in stark contrast to Cradle Valley’s Hounslow Heath Circuit that, as a Grade […]

SPRING? Volunteer Program at Cradle

Volunteer track workers on the spring program at Cradle Mountain recently experienced very wintry conditions. Some people would be happy to stay tucked up in a warm cabin on days like this but not the hardy souls from Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers who spent hours out working on the Maryland and Hounslow Heath Tracks (which were more […]