Suggested Donation Amount: $50.00

The Wildcare Penguin cause supports the conservation of penguins by funding projects that:

• Protect and manage penguin populations
• Provide managed environments for people to view penguins safely
• Rehabilitate injured and sick penguins
• Communicate with the community about threats to penguin survival and ways to mitigate the threat.


Wildcare Tasmania currently takes a $0 admin fee from donations.  Yes that’s right.  We keep our admin costs low which allows expenses to be absorbed within interest earnings.  We know that a $0 fee is rare and we work hard to maintain this.  When interest rates are very low, maintaining a $0 fee becomes challenging and we review the situation ongoing.  The Covid-19 economic impacts have hit interest rates hard but we are committed to maintaining a $0 fee for as long as we can.  If you would like to support us, please know that your donation helps.  You can also help by joining us as a member