The Lighthouse Kids of Maatsuyker Island


This is the story of seven year old Jonah and four year old Evie’s adventure living on Maatsuyker Island.

Jonah and Evie were lucky to be the first children in more than 10 years to live on the island exploring and discovering the ‘magic of “Maat”‘. They were there from February to May 2010 with their Mum and Dad, Sheryl Hamilton and Al Wiltshire, who were volunteer Parks and Wildlife Service caretakers as well as Bureau of Meteorology weather observers.

Jonah and Evie created all the drawings and models in this book while living on Maatsuyker.

Purchase of this product contributes to the work of the Friends of Maatsuyker Island volunteers, who help protect and maintain the important heritage as well as the natural and Aboriginal values of Maatsuyker Island.

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