Some days are just a bit more special than most. Recently I met two people who have a passion for natural areas, National Parks and bushwalking in Tasmania. And although their adventure horizons may be shorter these days, the memories of the time spent walking the wilds of Tasmania continue to fuel their imagination. As a result, they decided to give something back. Something very significant and very special.

Tasmania’s walking tracks give us life’s great journeys. Time in the wild invigorates, recharges and inspires, making your body work better, your brain work more clearly, and your imagination more creative. Alan and Hilary Wallace have clearly spent a lifetime in the wild, being inspired, recharged and invigorated. And now it is they who are doing the inspiration thing. My day with them was inspiring and what they have done is simply wonderful. Alan and Hilary have made a very significant donation to Wildcare Inc to support the maintenance of wilderness walking tracks, walking huts, walker education and on-track information.

Wildcare Inc has followed up with the creation of the Wildcare Wallace Wildtracks Fund so that you too can contribute to the cause. The wild tracks in Tasmania take you to unbelievable places – up rugged mountains, across wide valleys and tumbling waterways, into dark rainforests and tall open woodlands, through plains of wildflowers and along coastal edges of cliffs and beaches. The Wildcare Wallace Wildtracks Fund will ensure that these wild tracks continue to lead people to amazing adventures and stunning places.

Wildcare Inc profusely thanks Alan and Hilary for their generosity. Wildcare Inc will be inviting the Parks and Wildlife Service to submit priority wilderness track projects for consideration for funding from the Wildcare Wallace Wildtracks Fund.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, large or small, and add to our capacity to assist with wild track maintenance and management, head to the website www.wildcaretas.org.au/donations and scroll down to the WILDCARE Wallace Wildtracks Fund.