Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

After some indifferent weather over recent times it was so pleasant in Goat Hills today; in fact, it wasn’t long before warm tops were being shed.  A patch of Erica that we previously ran out of time to clear, remained to be removed. Once completed we moved over to a dry north facing slope that had not previously been inspected.  Old Erica at various locations was found and cut down and treated with herbicide. More remains to done and the range to be checked expanded.  Whist there Adrian found signs of an old building with daffodils and a clump of Agapanthus. 

During morning break, Rob Whittle from Glenorchy council told us about bushfire mitigation plans and fire management for the various plant communities in the region. The pack of chocolate coated biscuits that he brought along was also appreciated, and we kept him talking until the packet was finished.

Site prior to work

Site after removing weeds 

Old building site