Threatened Plants Tasmania

TPT field trip to Jordan Nature Reserve, Pontville – Saturday 29 October 2016

TPT will revisit the Jordan Nature Reserve that contains a small remnant of native grassland on basalt, as well as range of threatened flora. TPT have been monitoring a number of the species over the years, including the basalt guinea flower (Hibbertia basaltica), silky bush-pea (Pultenaea prostrata) and pretty pearlflower (Cryptandra amara). We will assess the post-fire recovery of these species, as well as mapping any re-emerging woody weeds for later treatment. Given the wet season, we will also survey the reserve for threatened ephemeral species, likely finds including grass cushions (Isoetopsis graminifolia) and dwarf sunray (Triptilodiscus pygmaeus).

Please visit and read the trip flier for full details. If you are interested in coming please register via the TPT web site or contact the co-ordinator directly.