25 young people had their first snow fight on a recent Wildcare Get Outside Event to kunyani  – the mountain above Hobart.  The Get Outside Branch of Wildcare aims to introduce nature experiences to people new to the state.” If you are unfamiliar with our amazing outdoor life here in Tasmania and don’t know how to access it, or play in it, you are missing out” said Jodie Epper Coordinator of the program. “ How can we expect young people, newly arrived to Tasmania to join organisations and volunteer with them if they have not had a chance to experience the wonder for themselves” she said.

The school holidays are often a time of isolation for young people new to Tasmania – but not these holidays. In partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre the Get Outside Branch of Wildcare organised a holiday session in the snow. Extra jackets, raincoats, beanies and gloves were on hand as many of these young people had never been up the mountain – let alone been in the snow before.

“It was very cold and windy so we chose a spot hidden below one of the buildings on the top of the mountain “ said Jodie. “We wanted to show the young people what Hobartians do on a snowy sunny day – and that is have a snow fight. There were shrieks of laughter as I found myself bunkered down behind a rock with three other young women and snowballs raining all around us – it was great fun” she said.

After the snow fight, we went into the shelter and viewing hut and admired the view. “ Its like being on top of the world” said one young man. “ I have never seen snow before – it is just so beautiful” said another. Many questions were asked about this land feature and that land feature, with lots of pointing and nodding of heads,  “ Ah that’s where I live”.  A greater understanding of the lie of the land where they all now lived was occurring.

Many selfies were had, many Facebook profiles were updated and now a small piece of Tasmania lives in every one of those young people. A job well done.

Bunkered down in a snow fight
Snow fight in action