Your Penguin questions answered!

Friends of Lillico Penguins

Did you know that parent penguins carry food back to their chicks in their gut, because if it was in their beak they would lose their balance? And that the divorce rate amongst penguin couples is 18-50% and faithful pairs produce up to three times as many chicks as birds that don’t stay together? Apart […]

Lillico Working Bee

On the 27th of April – Members from Friends of Lillico penguins held one of their working bees to help keep the area around the platform penguin ready.     If you would like to learn more about joining in on a working bee or to show your interest in guiding over the summer season […]

Getting ready for the new season

Friends of Lillico Penguins held one of the several Working Bees they have during the winter period, on Saturday July 21st. This is to ensure that everything is ready for their upcoming guiding season.             Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny winters day with weeding and burrows being the main […]

Lillico Penguin Platform birthday celebrations

Friends of Lillico Penguins

   The penguin viewing platform at the eastern end of the Lillico Conservation Area has hosted many thousands of visitors over the past 21 years.  For many years, and well before the permanent old viewing platform was built in 1996, dedicated Friends of Lillico volunteers have mounted a nightly vigil to await the return of […]