This week is part of the annual week-long working bee program at Cradle Valley.

Various activities:

(A) Lake Rodway Track Pruning

This requires that participants carry their personal gear and work tools to the Scott-Kilvert Hut for several days.

(B) Other Activities

All of the following are possible (weather-dependent) activities:

  • Twisted Lakes Track pruning
  • Revegetation of the airstrip – planting in front of the new hangar
  • Erecting snow poles on the Dove Canyon Track (remaining half of track)
  • Painting:
    • Stair treads on the lower Pencil Pine Falls Track
    • Cubicles and roof of the Dove Lake toilets
    • Staff accommodation building NP54
  • Ongoing wombat afternoon monitoring at Ronny Creek and near Peppers Lodge
  • Monitoring wombat burrows recorded in previous Wildcare working bee using the Fulcrum app on a tablet
  • Yackandandah Hut restoration (for those interested in heritage restoration work)
  • Retaping the Pencil Pine Track

Accommodation is provided in Waldheim cabins.

For both activity groups (A & B) if you're unable to come for the full week we'd love to have you for a day or two instead.

For further information contact Glen Hayhurst:



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