We have 3 working bee days planned in the next couple of months and the work to be done and the area to visit is dependent on the weather forecast and people available at the time. We understand this makes it a little harder for members to commit but it gives us the best chance of doing work and keeping the crew busy. The options are to re-pole the Speeler Plains section near Cradle Mtn. and this involves off track walking in button grass and carrying the marker poles before driving them into the ground, or chainsaw, brush cutting, benching and general clearing in the Loongana or Mt Lorymer area which are both closer to the coast.

Morning tea provided along with tools, safety vests and safety equipment. You will be required to carry a day pack with your food, water and gear suitable for a day bush walk. Working bees are also fun and provide a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

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