Eucalyptus morrisbyi is an endangered eucalypt species, endemic to SE Tasmania, with the two remaining core populations within the Southern NRM Region. A recent census of the adult plants, assisted by Threatened Plants Tasmania, at the largest most viable, of the two natural populations (Calverts Hill) has revealed that over 85% of the adult Eucalyptus morrisbyi are dead or in decline. There is, however, a relatively large number of immature plants at this site which are impacted by grazing. This field trip will assist the follow up monitoring of a trial to investigate practical methods to protect these young plants, so they can established to replace the adult plants and contribute to the survival of this species in the long term.  

Please read the complete flier for this trip available on the TPT website, and register by Wednesday 3 June either by using the TPT web site, or if this is not possible, Magali Wright on or 0409 195 032.

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