Tackling Milkwort at Narawntapu (Badger Head) Round 2

In glorious weather Friends of Narawntapu and PWS staff did a second round with Myrtle-leaf Milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia) at Badger Head.   We worked for some of the time in an area of Melaleuca and were delighted by the light that poured in as tall Milkwort plants were removed from the canopy. Three hours of […]

Tackling Milkwort at Narawntapu (Badger Head)

In balmy September weather, Friends of Narawntapu and Mersey Parks & Wildlife staff did a first round with Myrtle-leaf Milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia). This native of South Africa’s coast has spread from nearby gardens into the National Park where it is out-competing native plants in the sandy soil. Three hours of cheerful toil: The results – […]

Action on Sea Spurge in Northern Tasmania

Invading the North Coast of Tasmania, sea spurge has wreaked havoc on the remote area pushing the shore birds from their nesting areas. After volunteering with SPRATS (Sea sPurge Remote Area TeamS) on the West Coast of Tasmania Helen Plaister realised there was a desperate need to address the growing sea spurge crisis. As a […]

A ‘Sea Spurging at Narawntapu’ Report 2019/20

by Helen Plaister (President), Wildcare Friends of Narawntapu. (from an article published in Newsletter 2 of the Rubicon Key Biodiversity Area July 2020). During 2019 (and pre-Covid 2020), Wildcare Tasmania’s Friends of Narawntapu continued to work with the Parks & Wildlife Service and continued volunteering many hours trying to control and eventually eradicate the section […]

Friends of Narawntapu

By Helen Plaister, President (extract from The Newsletter of the Rubicon Key Biodiversity Area) SEA SPURGE (Euphorbia paralias) is a well- established weed within the coastal dunes of Narawntapu National Park. The prevalence of the weed is at its highest in dune complexes of both Bakers and Badger Beach. It is also present in suitable […]

A weed camp – 5 core people, 22 visitors and 3,965,000 plants removed.

The beginnings A partnership between Wildcare Tasmania, Sea Spurge Remote Areas Teams(SPRATS) and the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) was set up by me, Helen Plaister, in November 2015 at Narawntapu NP. It was to be known as Wildcare: Friends of Narawntapu. As I had been involved in the have remote weed management (mainly sea […]

Carrot Cake A Winner at Narawantapu

The the thought  of carrot cake and a sausage sizzle at Narawantapu captured the imagination of 25 of my Monday walking group. The eagerness with which they arrived with an array of implements was a sight to behold. My aim was to introduce and educate them  to the work Wildcare Friends of Narawantapu had been doing with the […]