Devils Throne Track Completed

There is now a new track from Thark Ridge to Devils Throne. On reaching the prominent saddle on Thark Ridge the new track is some 50 metres further south, where it then heads west for 730 metres to join the existing track to Devils Throne. The new track is a safer walk and with a […]

Almost Through the Thickest

Thark to Devils Link The weather was ideal for working with some cloud and sun at times making a pleasant temperature. Insects were not notable except there were a few mosquitoes about at morning break and lunch but were not much bother. Most of the length we worked at clearing was dense vegetation making it […]

Thark to Devils Link

Wildcare’s Friends of Wellington Park established with the aim of maintaining and enhancing the flora and fauna of the park that includes Hobart’s major natural icon – Mt Wellington, and to educate Park users of the high biodiversity values and ways to protect them. While their main focus has been on weed control/eradication, their work […]

Suddenly the Heat Arrived

Old Farm Site It had been quite some time since we worked in warm conditions and it meant we were looking for shade during morning and lunch breaks rather than, as in previous months, seeking the sun to sit in. Some big patches of Erica were removed and also a few large Gorse bushes. This […]

Erica Thicket

After 2 days of constant rain, Tuesday was a lovely warm and sunny day and ideal conditions for working. A large thicket of tall Erica remained from the last event at this site and big inroads was made on it. A further 20 square metres of this patch remains, plus a stretch of smaller Erica […]

Takes time to Remove Regrowth

We worked on small regrowing Erica for most of the morning. It was predominately from plants previously cut off too high up the stem, which doesn’t have a good a hit rate as those cut close to ground. There were also a few spots with a mass of tiny seedlings, most of these are being […]

New Town Rivulet Rehabilitation

This project received top up funding from Wildcare Report on the Project Written by Adrian Blackman Thanks to a Communities Environment Program grant and a Wildcare grant, the Friends of Wellington Park have recently completed a project to remove weeds and revegetate a section of Hobart’s New Town Rivulet. The upgraded area is part of […]

Overcoming a Water Problem

Water from a small creek had worked a way below the surface to seep out onto the Old Hobartian Track. A drain had been added to divert the water but the track often remained muddy.  The plan was to add rock to provide better passage for walkers. The channel to drain water away was widened […]

Snowy Thark

Despite a predicted temperature range of -1° to 7° for the top of Mt Wellington, seven volunteers attended the Thark Ridge working bee on Tuesday 3rd September. We started in fine but overcast conditions. After walking a short distance we began to encounter snow on the ground and were soon up to our knees in […]

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