Boxthorn Burn-off

Boxthorn Burn Off at Shark Point On Saturday 10th July we met at Shark Point to burn the Boxthorn we had painstakingly cut and poisoned over the past 3 months. Thanks to the kindness of  Gerrard, a local resident who lives right next to the main thicket, we were able to burn off on his […]

Fennel Muster at Penna Beach Day 2

Fennel Muster at Penna Beach Day 2 A group of 10 enthusiastic people gathered for our second working bee since March. Our mission is to remove Fennel and a host of other invasive weeds from behind Penna Beach. This is part of a bigger project for our Friends of Pitt Water -Orielton Lagoon group to […]

Penna Beach Coastal Restoration Works Part One

In Pitt Water, coastal restoration works have begun to be implemented thanks to our Wildcare Nature Conservation Fund and the Sorell Council.  The Sorell Council in partnership with the Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water- Orielton Group have secured the grant.  The Sorell Council have built two new bridges to span outflow from the lagoon that […]

Revegetation working bee Miena Park Sorell

Tuesday 21 June any time from 9am until 3pm – join the Green Army in a planting/weeding working bee at Miena Park, Sorell. We (Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon) have been successful in receiving a grant from NRM South for one days work with the Green Army. The grant includes $500 for plants (ground […]