What is a SpLAT? It’s a Spurge Local Action Team whose main focus is the eradication of the weed sea spurge. Splatters work on the south and east coast of Tasmania tackling this particularly nasty weed.

Who we are

SpLATs (Spurge Local Action Team) is a group of WILDCARE members dedicated to eradicating sea spurge from the south and east coasts of Tasmania.

We have taken our inspiration from SPRATS, a fellow WILDCARE group who are tackling this coastal weed along the wilderness coastline of western and southern Tasmania.

Where we work

Along the south and east coasts of Tasmania, including some remote places, private land and public land.

What we do

We make a difference.

We focus on weeding but also as a consequence we visit some great parts of the south and east coasts of Tasmania. Beautiful beaches, great coastal heathlands and have a great time together.

In the nine months up to Aug 2009 SpLATS has surveyed over 150 km of coastline and treated all known infestations of sea spurge between Cockle Creek and Bicheno. In doing so, we have removed over 10 000 sea spurge plants.

But, we still have lots of work to do. There are a large number of small beaches still to survey and we need to do follow-up weeding on the sites already found.

 Our Contacts

President – wildcaresplats@gmail.com