The aim of this team is to support NRE Tas with their whale rescue program. This group is for members who want to be active in setting up educational programs, fundraising for new equipment and ensuring we are ready to help with mass strandings when required. This is a new state-wide group, currently based out of Hobart. Our aim is to also have a list of trained volunteers that are available to attend whale rescues if needed.

Whale Rescue Training

Whale strandings occur all year round and many single strandings are dealt with directly by the local field centre or the NRE Tas marine team. However at times volunteers are required, especially when there is a mass stranding and our priority is to have a number of trained volunteers all around our coastline that can be called upon during a rescue. Volunteers are called upon by NRE Tas depending on the requirements of each stranding and the complexity of each rescue.  The most important thing about whale rescue is to be prepared – have the gear, the people and the expertise.

This group sees its current role as getting prepared – fundraising for new gear, keeping tabs on current gear, working with the marine team to see what they need help with and educating people about our marine wildlife. We want people who can help at educational events and displays and promote marine wildlife messages, people who want to get involved with training at times, people who want to fundraise or maintain equipment or trained volunteer lists. If this sounds like you then please get in touch.

Our contacts: Cory Young and Ingrid Albion