After training, our members are ready to assist with whale rescues at any time of the day. Some rescues occur in isolated locations and extend over a number of days, so members in this group should be prepared to travel to the Eastern Shore area of Hobart, in a self sufficient manner, possibly for an extended period of time.

The Whale Stranding First Response Team – Eastern Shore was formed following a Volunteer Training Course on 30 March 2008.

The aim of  Whale Rescue First Response Teams, now operating in a number of areas around Tasmania, is to have teams of trained volunteers who can respond quickly to requests from Parks and Wildlfe Service for assistance at whale strandings.

To be an active member of a Whale Rescue First Response Team it is essential that you have completed the one-day training course provided by the Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Whale Stranding First Response Team – Eastern Shore operates in close cooperation with Philippa Gowen, the Parks and Wildlife Service Regional Volunteer Facilitator.