By joining this branch you will be volunteering to be part of a first response group assisting with oiled shorebirds and other wildlife in the event of a major spill. Members in this group should be prepared to travel in a self sufficient manner to the Furneaux Islands, possibly for an extended period of time.

Who we are

The Nature Conservation Branch of the Department of Primary Industries and Water has developed an Oiled Wildlife Action Plan that identifies WILDCARE Inc as the first point of contact when volunteer assistance is required. This Action Plan outlines the volunteer management actions identified as necessary to implement WILDPLAN the Tasmanian Oiled Wildlife Response Plan.

The Parks and Wildlife Service, in partnership with WILDCARE Inc, is developing a First Response volunteer network at various locations around the State.

WILDCARE Inc, in co-operation with the Biodiversity Conservation Branch and Parks and Wildlife Service will be providing training for volunteers in oiled shorebird and other animal rescue techniques in the coming year.

If you are interested in assisting with oiled shorebird and other wildlife rescues in the event of a major oil spill, then join WILDCARE Inc and register forĀ Oiled shorebird and other wildlife rescue – Furneaux Islands on the membership form. You will receive information about WILDCARE Inc Oiled Shorebird rescue courses, formation of First Response teams and will be contacted in the event of a major oil spill where assistance from volunteers is required.

Emergency calls for assistance may occur at any time of the day. Some rescues occur in isolated locations and extend over a number of days, requiring overnight camping and self sufficiency with food and other personal requirements.