We undertake a variety of work to ensure the values of this important reserve are maintained. This includes removal of weeds and work on the many walking tracks in the area. We also support the Wildscool program that brings local school children to this reserve to improve their skills in maths, technology, environmental science and research.

Where we work

Coningham NRA is a 500 hectare reserve on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, about 25 kms south of Hobart. It has significant floral values as it supports several threatened vegetation communities and a number of threatened plant species.  It also provides habitat for a number of threatened  and significant native animal species including the forty-spotted pardalote, swift parrot, chaostola skipper butterfly, bettong, Eastern barred bandicoot, Eastern quoll, swift parrot, white-bellied sea eagle and wedge-tailed eagle and little penguin.  For the past two years white-bellied sea eagles have successfully fledged young from a nest in the reserve.

The reserve is especially valued as a link for wildlife moving between areas.  It is the closest mainland to Bruny Island and corridors of bush lead from it up through private land to the Snug Tiers.

Its closeness to Bruny Island meant that is was also very important to the aboriginal people passing between the island and the mainland and there is evidence of aboriginal occupation of caves in the reserve.

What we do

The environmental weed Erica lusitanica (Spanish heath) has been identified as the main threat to the biodiversity of the reserve.  We work very closely with PWS to control this weed and most of our working bees are spent removing it either by cut and paste or spraying.  To date, we have been quite successful in several grant applications to employ contractors to help us in this task.

Recently we have formed a Wildscool group at the Snug Primary School.  We work with grade 5/6 students.  The project involves excursions to the reserve, followed by sessions at school with experts in various fields helping children improve their skills in maths, technology, environmental science and research.

A recent grant from Wildcare enabled us to purchase a good digital camera and equipment, which was presented to the children at the school.

Our Contacts

President – John or Jean svsafari@yahoo.com  (03) 62674870


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