Central North Wildlife Care & Rescue operates close to Devonport in the northwest of Tasmania. We provide a  telephone response service and care for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Where we work

Central North Wildlife Care & Rescue operates close to Devonport NW Tasmania. We provide a  telephone response service and care for injured and orphaned wildlife.

What do we do



  • Provide appropriate care for injured and orphaned native wildlife
  • Recognise the efforts of wildlife carers and provide them with support
  • Raise community awareness and understanding of our unique native wildlife and their habitats
  • Contribute to the conservation of Tasmanian native wildlife
  • Raise funds to achieve all the above objectives

Our group patron is Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE

Current Activities:

  • Caring, rescuing and rehabilitating native wildlife.  The centre specialises in caring for raptors and devils, but carers look after a wide range of native wildlife.
  • Provides a small but comfortable, disability accessible venue for meetings, workshops and field days situated in a beautiful 90 acre Land for Wildlife property 10kms from Devonport.
  • Holds special interest workshops throughout the year such as photography, caring for wildlife, anatomy and physiology of birds etc.
  • Activities for people with disabilities
  • Has a wide range of educational resources including talks and activities for community groups.
  • We have a comprehensive taxidermy collection of native animals and birds – artists have used these for anatomical studies etc.
  • Provide opportunities for special interest conservation groups to explore the varied vegetation and habitats that occur on the property

Caring for Injured and Orphaned Native Wildlife

Our group adheres to standards and ethics of animal care as set out in the relevant State and Australian Acts and Regulations. Training and mentoring are provided for carers and rescuers who have to undertake special workshops before taking in animals. Care and Rescue is coordinated by a CNWCR wildlife coordinator.

Carers look after animals in their own homes and are responsible for the costs associated with rearing, caring for and rehabilitating them, as well as obtaining the necessary permits. CNWCR does provide some discounts and equipment loans, but conditions apply and are at the discretion of the CNWCR Executive Committee.

A few of our members specialise in rescues only, and these volunteers undertake to pick up injured or orphaned animals and deliver them as quickly as possible to a carer or a vet.



 Benefits of being a part of our CARES group

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

In addition to all of the benefits that are provided through individual membership of WILDCARE Inc, our members are invited to attend our group meetings and BBQ,s.  We conduct workshops for members throughout the year and offer equipment loans and discounts (conditions apply).


 Our Contacts

For all enquiries and injured wildlife reports phone 0409 978 064

Visitors are welcome by appointment – please ring on 0409 978 064  email tasfauna@harboursat.com.au

External Links

See www.tasfauna.org or  www.dpipwe.tas.gov.au for first aid information

We would like to acknowledge the support we have received from the Tasmanian Landcare Association, WILDCARE, Cradle Coast NRM, Latrobe Council, the Tasmanian Community Fund and generous private donations.   For more details on our supporters  visit www.tasfauna.org