Almost Half Way

Devils Throne Reroute On the day prior to the scheduled work we learnt that Pinnacle Road may be closed until 10 AM, because of helicopter shuttling track materials.  By late afternoon notice was received that the road would in fact be open, so the work was able to go ahead. Peter clearing vegetation The previous […]

Some Extra Help

Wellington Park Bushcare

For this working bee we had staff from a section of UTAS as part of a Health & Wellbeing program and they were an enthusiastic, hard working group and their efforts most appreciated. UTAS staff ona volunteer a day program with WPBG members A large patch of Erica just below the Main Fire trail not […]

A well-earned break

Wellington Park Bushcare

Tuesday 7 March 2017 In what was ideal; weather a large patch of tall Gorse was tackled at the edge of Inglewood Fire Trail and the result was a very pleasing area cleared of the menace. Some seedlings were noticed from our last venture to this location in 2015. Morning break was  cool enough to be pleasant in […]

Trimming Power

Wellington Park Bushcare

Having hedge trimmers made a huge difference to what could be achieved in clearing the track to Mount Connection in Wellington Park. Our group purchased one last year, after seeing how effective the Parks & Wildlife Service’s one was, and had already tested it out on this very track. On this trip, Peter and Josh […]

Intruding on a Reptile – Goat Hills

Wellington Park Bushcare

Whilst working on a patch I noticed the end of a tail poking out from under some litter and realised it was a Bluetongue lizard.  It remained motionless for about 15 minutes or so while I worked nearby and eventually decided it was safe to emerge after I got a bit further away. Bluetongue is […]

Would the Work Runout

Wellington Park Bushcare

 After visiting the site off Kalang Avenue  some months ago I was expecting a patch of live Erica, but it looks like that a spray team has been in since and it mostly dead. The few outbreaks well inside the bushline were still there but didn’t take long to clear, although there was a considerable […]

Poorer for the work

Wellington Park Bushcare

Goat Hills Well some of our group were certainly somewhat poorer after putting in a good day of work. Between morning break and lunch our packs were tampered with and goods stolen.  One pack top zip was open and wallet half hanging out and on investigation found money and iPhone gone.  Most of the packs […]

Swayed by Strong Winds

Wellington Park Bushcare

Inglewood Gorse   Morning break at Inglewood     It was a mild day but the wind did get strong enough to blow off hats and tip over our packets of biscuits during our morning coffee break.  It used to be morning tea, but now that the City of Hobart bushcare office supplies a fresh […]

Inroads Into The Thick Of It

Wellington Park Bushcare

For years we have known of a thick patch of Erica at Goat Hills but have confined our efforts to just contain any expansion from the site.  An offer was received from NRMSouth for a Green Army group for two days, and the chance to tackle this problem area meant a quick acceptance. Green Army […]

Bush Getting Better

Wellington Park Bushcare

Getting a lift up to Goat Hills is a great boon, but when we have to get back on foot the old route is a much pleasanter way both visually and ease of walking. To enable us to go this way a car shuffle was arranged and it worked out well. Some plants in the […]

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