WILDCARE Inc and Uptons have joined forces to co-found the WILDCARE Whale Rescue Fund.

The WILDCARE Whale Rescue Natural Partner Fund supports –

  • the coordination of the WILDCARE Whale Rescue First Response Team volunteer network in Tasmania,
  • the purchase of whale rescue equipment and
  • the provision of whale rescue first response training for volunteers.

Each year many whales, ranging from dolphins to Southern Right Whales, strand on Tasmanian shores. The WILDCARE Whale Rescue First Response Teams, whose members have received training in stranding response and rescue techniques, are an integral part of Tasmania’s response to whale strandings, working alongside staff from the Parks and Wildlife Service and Wildlife Management Branch of DPIW.

WILDCARE Whale Rescue First Response Teams have been established in a number of communities close to whale stranding hotposts, with a need to provide training courses to expand the network to cover the main standing locations. Each team needs specialised rescue equipment, such as rescue mats, rescue trailers, safety equipment and so on.

Your donation, large or small, will contribute directly to rescuing whales and ensure that we have an ongoing capacity to respond to whale strandings.

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